Competition "The best sketch: Inspired by nature"

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Right on time for the International Day of Charity, we have launched our 3rd "Best Sketch” contest. We are once again giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talents, as well as offering a grand prize of  $370.  

How can I participate? 

Submit sketches of a set of jewellery featuring natural motifs. The set should consist of a ring, a pair of earrings and a pendant. In addition to the visual aspects, your work should bear a title and also have a general concept.  

 *General concept — a description of your idea / explanation of the symbolism of the elements you incorporated.  

Contest Rules 

1. This contest is only open to students of higher educational institutions. A photograph or scan of a student ID is required to confirm eligibility.  

2. All submissions should be sent to the following address: 

[email protected] 

Your submission should contain the following information: 

- Full name 

- Photo / scan of a student ID. 

- Name of the set and accompanying text. 

- Sketch. 

- Links to social media, including Instagram and Facebook.  

3. Any and all materials are allowed when creating your sketch: pencils, markers, paints, pens or electronic means. 

4. We have been accepting submissions since September 5th and will continue to do so until our deadline - November 15th at 12:00 PM EET.  

5. The copyright to the sketch remains with the artist. The rights to produce jewellery from the sketch belong to the Kochut Workshop. 


On November 22nd, we will announce the Top 10 Best Sketches and tag their creators on our social media networks. The winner will be chosen from among the Top 10 contestants to receive our nominal scholarship prize in the amount of $370. We will also hold a popular vote among the Top 10 to determine which contribution is the “Fan Favourite”. The winner of the title of “Fan Favourite” will receive a Kochut piece as a prize.

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