Sophora — mokume tourmaline ring
2 199.00€
SKU: 1492
SKU: 1492

Sophora — mokume tourmaline ring

2 199.00€
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Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold and 14k Red Gold
Tourmaline 7x6 mm
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If there is somewhere in the world a particle of the Land of the Rising Sun, then it is enclosed in a ring from collection "Mokume. Sophora".

In Japan, there are many traditions associated with lifestyle and thinking. The main thing that one can take from the ancient heritage of thought is a constant desire to live in harmony with oneself. There is nothing more important than listening to your heart. It always speaks the truth, because otherwise it contradicts its essence.

Listen to the voice of nature, feel participation in the great and beautiful world!

The only mission of art is to make a person happy. If the work causes a smile or an inner sense of comfort, then the art has reached its goal.

The mission of jewelry art seems only external, as if it is just a beautiful thing with an aesthetic form. This is partly true, but real beauty also gives peace and quiet happiness. The ring should not only be beautiful, it should be like your heart.

And we have such a ring. The organic combination of oxidized silver, red and yellow gold creates an incredibly beautiful pattern: soft and comfortable for gentle hands.

And the unusual gold caste of the ring reminds the tribunes of the majestic amphitheater and gives it exquisite luxury. A natural tourmaline in the heart of the metal, as if on a high stage, hypnotizes the view by playing a palette of noble dark green hues.

It's a ring can really impress your imagination. We called it "Mokume, Sophora", because the Japanese Sophora is the traditional symbol of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Look at the step by step process of making Mokume in this article:

IMPORTANT: production time is 3-4 weeks.

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