Birds — earrings made of yellow gold
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SKU: 1370

Birds — earrings made of yellow gold

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Yellow 14k Gold
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The world-famous philosopher Osho once said the following: «If you catch a bird, do not keep it in a cage. Do not conduct yourself such that the bird wishes to fly away from you but cannot. Conduct yourself in a way such that the bird could fly away but does not wish to. »

Birds have always held great symbolic significance for humans. Swallows are associated with spring and her warmth. Doves represent peace and happiness. The swan symbolizes fidelity and angelic beauty.

Birds have come a much farther way on their evolutionary path than humans have. For millions of years, they have explored our planet and felt the freedom of flight. Their lofty independence catches our eyes and makes our hearts flutter just as they, the conquerors of the heavens, flutter their wings.

Some myths even say that the human soul is a bird that cuts through thick clouds in search of paradise. And isn’t is marvellous to hear the birds singing in the woods when the first signs of spring arrive?

We created earrings from the «Birds» collection according to a model of forest song, the breath of spring and a gold flash of delicate wings. We designed these earrings to captivate the hearts of beautiful women.

The earrings were made in the shape of charming birds, ready to dance about the skies like ballerinas in Swan Lake at a moment’s notice. They are as light as air and as soft as the marshmallow clouds through which they soar. A gold French clasp adds charm and sense of delicacy to these earrings, which are perfect for any woman that is pure of heart.

The golden bird fluttered out on to a branch to offer a forest song from mother spring.

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