All about the oxidation of silver

All about the oxidation of silver

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    The oxidation of silver — is a chemical coating, which results in the formation of a black decorative coating on the surface of the metal. The process takes place by immersing the jewelry in a sulfur-containing solution. It is worth noting that in jewelry, oxidation is used only to coat silver. After all, gold doesn't interact with sulfur. The exception is only products of low carats (less than 14K), since they contain a high content of copper.

Why people use oxidation in jewelry?

The main reason for coating jewelry with oxidation is to better express the details and patterns on the product. It is used exclusively for decorative purposes, since it does not perform any protective functions, unlike white rhodium. One of the best jewelry, where you can see the result of oxidation: Twig, Notre-Dame, Harmony of Nature, Remembrance of childhood.

Silver ring twig
Silver Ring of Notre Dame
Oxidized Silver Ring
Silver Pendant Childhood Memories

The process of oxidation in jewelry

silver cleaning in ultrasonic washing
Oxidation silver ring
Polished silver ring

1. We start with the process of cleaning the jewelry from polishing paste and dust. For this, we use an ultrasonic cleaner.

2. After cleaning, immerse the product in a special sulfur-containing solution.

3. Rinse under water.

4. In the end, we polish jewelry.

Can oxidation cause an allergic reaction?

The oxidation coating is absolutely safe and will not cause any harm to the skin. After all, a black film is formed as a result of the natural reaction of silver and sulfur. So, silver is not covered by dangerous chemicals for health, which can cause an allergic reaction.

What is blackening?

Blackening is the oxidation. However, this is a non-professional name. It should be noted that this process will occur even if silver is not processed at all with a special solution. After all, as a result of environmental exposure, silver products will still turn black. 

Perhaps some of you wanted to know more about the causes of blackening of jewelry and about methods of bleaching silver. In this case, we recommend reading our blog "How to clean silver?". In it you will find detailed answers to the above questions.

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