Invincibility of feelings — wedding ring made of white, yellow 18K gold
2 999.00€
SKU: 1701-2
SKU: 1701-2

Invincibility of feelings — wedding ring made of white, yellow 18K gold

2 999.00€
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White gold and yellow 18K gold
Base width:
~ 6-7,5 mm
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In the world of doubts and uncertainty, there is one thing worth fighting for till the very end. Something that is no shame to be defeated for; something that gives the essence of life and seals your lips with a miraculous secret. Love exists in this world and its majesty is totally undeniable, and all its rivals humbly fall to their knees in its face.

Love. Mayakovsky once said that it is the heart of everything. Turgenev claimed that love is stronger than death and only love is the reason for living.

Love penetrates a soul like an unknown traveller under a veil. It measures the space with its loud steps, starting from persistent whispering in the corner of the heart. And suddenly, it starts running faster and faster, so loud as no melody ever played in this world, and you will always hear its steps. 

Loving means accepting the other person completely, without trying to change anything in him or her. Loving is being a humble rebel, welcoming the gifts of the heart and at the same time demanding mutual feelings in return. Loving is being enchanted by powers of all the elements, being a part of nature.

The irresistible feeling makes us alive, ignites the fire in our eyes. Being in love makes us reveal our soul, personality, deep secrets of the heart. The great poet of freedom, Viktor Tsoi said that death is worth living, love is worth the wait.

Wedding ring from the «Invincibility of feelings» collection are created for those who know the real value of love. Love is not just the feeling that lights our souls. Love determines our lives and thoughts: it is the movement and permanent development.

The ring is made of yellow and white gold. The pattern on the ring turns them into delicate vintage jewelry in a unique author’s style.

The cost depends on the final weight.

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