The temptation — gold emerald ring
3 799.00€
SKU: 7203
SKU: 7203

The temptation — gold emerald ring

3 799.00€
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White 14K gold, yellow 14K gold
Emerald oval 8x6 mm
Black rhodium
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She stood there, warmed by the last fading rays of the August sun. In her palms, a sweet fruit ripened under the pressures of desire and hunger. In an instant, we both faced temptation. 

For a moment, I imagined myself as the snake that once changed the course of history. However, unlike the archetypical beast, I had neither treachery nor cunning. I just stood there and silently praised God for his talents in drawing women. In a world full of masterpieces, my gaze sought only her. She will soon take her leave and only the scent of her former presence shall remain. She lives on in my eyes, alone with the hunger I felt then. And she is not mine. It seems that I am realizing this for the first time. Temptation can be as simple as a fresh sip of hormones that push a man forward and fill him with the power of desire. 

It is under this powerful influence that the «Temptation» ring was born. White and yellow gold, an oval emerald (1.05 ct) — these materials are only available to those who have realized the power of their desires and understand how valuable they really are. Do not deny yourself. Simply enjoy.