Peony — ring made of yellow gold with citrine
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Peony — ring made of yellow gold with citrine

2 299.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Yellow 14K gold
Citrine 8 mm
~ 3,6 mm
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A tender bud of the peony is about to burst with passion for life. Its precious petals still carefully wrap the precious core, protecting it from bright light, loud noises, or too obtrusive looks...

In a moment a lush flower will show its total luxury. A few more moments — and it will blossom like a piece of living jewellery. One more second and it will enchant everyone with the aroma of its graceful perfection. 

This is the story behind our amazing silver «Peony» ring. These delicate and at the same time strong jewellery seem to have absorbed the magic of the culmination of the revelation.

When deep beauty becomes ripe enough, it’s time to bloom. Peony ring is not just about flowers. It’s about your inner beauty gradually becoming mature in your heart and ready to joyfully manifest to the whole world. It’s meant for those who are about to blossom with charm, tenderness, love, freshness of talents and feelings.

Every unique quality of human character, every subtle manifestation of the soul is like delicate flower petals that enrich the world with new shades of colors and aromas. Every precious side of the heart must sooner or later shine in the beams of light and thus show its beauty. Each of us is a unique flower in the garden of earthly reality. Flourishing us our privilege, purpose and honorable duty. 

The «Peony» ring can become a symbol of the most magnificent blooming of your exceptional beauty.

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