Rose Night — sterling silver pendant
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SKU: 4095

Rose Night — sterling silver pendant

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Sterling silver
Height with eyelet — 30 mm

At midnight, everything is imbued with magic: the grass, the earth, the water, the sky and our thoughts are as well. The familiar silhouettes of the daytime disappear and a vastly different world unfolds before us. It is one and the same, yet it is also completely different. 

We perceive it with those senses unrelated to sight. We become more careful and attentive. We walk softer, we are slower in our movements. We hearken both the sounds and the silence. We recognize objects by touch and capture even the subtlest notes of scents in the air...

The garden, warm from heat of the day, rejoices in breaths of sudden freshness. It embraces the coolness of the night air and the intoxicating aromas of its roses become even more intense. 

At midnight, the scents of flowers seem to whisper mystical poems to passers-by. They ruminate on those things that poets are unable to describe in words.

The sweet, nectar scent of the roses is a perfect complement to the sharp crescent of the moon held aloft in the starry sky. Sometimes, it seems that the moon itself smells of roses, and this should come as no surprise! After all, millions of earthly roses are looking on at it with love and longing at the same time. 

Millions of earthly lovers also stop their gaze on it, recalling the scent and beauty of their soulmates.

Our «Rose Night» pendant is intended to remind you of the elusive aroma of love, as well as life’s most unforgettable and magical moments.