In joy and sorrow — wedding ring made of white gold and silver
2 299.00€
SKU: 5529
SKU: 5529

In joy and sorrow — wedding ring made of white gold and silver

2 299.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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White 14K gold, sterling silver
Base width:
~ 8,5 mm
White rhodium

There is nothing new under the moon, and we are in constant amazement at every turn of our lives.

Leo Tolstoy once said that one of the common errors consists in this, that people are considered good, malicious, stupid, intelligent. Man flows on and every possibility is in him: he was stupid and has become intelligent; he was wicked and has become good, and the reverse. In this is the greatness of man. And therefore it is impossible to judge a man as he is. You have judged him and he is already another. 

A man can be joyful or depressed, good or bad, happy or sad. He brings no ambiguity, as well as in the whole world no identical faces or fingerprints exist. 

The world is so beautiful: for someone it is a heaven or paradise, for the other — a complete torture and a wall of misunderstanding. We have no right to judge the others, but living to the fullest and shaping every day a better version of ourselves is our only right.

We find beauty both in joy and sorrow, because the brightest dawn follows the darkest night.

We admire how deep and diverse a man is, bringing all the wealths of the world, full

of life in all its manifestations. 

Wedding ring from the «In joy and sorrow» collection represent the human duality. One part is gold, lush, bright, saturated with a soft sunny pattern and a delicate delight of summer. The other part is silver, cold, like autumn, represents sorrow and unrest in one’s heart.

The final cost depends on the size of ring.