Tree bark — silver ring with oxidation
SKU: 0190
SKU: 0190

Tree bark — silver ring with oxidation

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Sterling silver
Base width:
~ 7 mm

John Muir said that ‘the clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness’. Trees are the poems that the earth writes in heaven. They are steady and reliable, full of the wisdom of the centuries and tales of legend. Dynasties, generations, and epoch-defining events may come and go, but the trees stand just as firmly in their places, resting their roots in the bowels of the earth, in its depth and essence. They are the children of earth, air and sky. They are an element of the universe and the language of nature, through which she speaks to us. In Japanese culture, it is said that each person should plant at least one tree during their life. Man inherits important qualities of character from trees - courage, physical strength, inner resilience and a deep mind. Wearing a ring with the image or texture of wood is said to be good for one’s spiritual development. 

The symbol of the tree is important for men as well as women. A woman is the guardian of a family and a source of energy for her loved ones. The tree will serve as a talisman for her to protect the family and pacify the heart. 

We called the ring ‘Tree Bark’ - a ring for the truly courageous, wise and prudent. The ring is stylish; it will complement any look and emphasize the important qualities of one’s appearance as well as their inner world. It has been crafted from silver and is covered with white rhodium. The original texture, which is similar to the bark of a tree, makes this piece especially and enchantingly unique.

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