Celtic monogram — silver ring covered oxidation
SKU: 1280
SKU: 1280

Celtic monogram — silver ring covered oxidation

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Sterling Silver
The width of the base is from 7,5 to 10,5 mm

Symbols surround us all the time. Starting with the DNA spiral and ending with images on the money that we use every day. Man is an infinite generator of ideas and meanings, he will never tire of treating the world according to his conviction. The worldview is formed under the influence of each lived day, beginning with a conscious childhood, but understanding the world is a deeper and more continuous process.

We are in love with the beautiful Gothic cathedrals, in the pictures of Italian classicists, we like the logo with the charming mermaid on the cup of "Starbucks". We see in the symbols not spirals, curls and letters, we see in them - the origins of their origin. The human brain is created in such a way that the most concrete things in the world we praise to abstract images, and to the spheres of reality we attribute an element of fiction. Not for nothing for many years the development of artificial intelligence has stopped because of the boundaries of human perception. The machine sees only numbers, and the person sees the whole world.

The same goes for the ancient Celtic symbols. In Celtic knots we see a long thread of life, which is intertwined, as if on the palm of your hand, into a cycle of eternity and vital energy. These are labyrinths of the life path and thinking of a person in the course of his evolution.

The intertwining of the four triskels serves as a guard for man and also establishes his strong connection with all the elements on the planet. But in the center of the symbolism there is a monogram - there can be any symbol with which you connect your own reality (the first letter of your name, surname or other important word). In this you too could catch a kind of metaphor - a person is in the center of the elements and life synergy.

But it is worth remembering that symbols and nodes do not exist by themselves. Only consciousness puts the reality in them, otherwise they would be meaningless and empty. Our monogramed ring is made of silver and covered with oxidation. Possible manufacturing in gold.

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