Warrior of love — silver brooch
SKU: 4096
SKU: 4096

Warrior of love — silver brooch

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Sterling silver
11,9 g
Height 35 mm

People do not fight for love, they protect it. From an envious eye, a careless word or a cold look. How did it happen that the strongest of all the senses is at the same time the most tender?

 People meet, fall in love, break up and again call love to their heart. But once offended, it is afraid to come a second time.

 “The brave always have happiness” is the famous expression of the Ukrainian writer Ivan Bagryan, which can be transformed into the axiom: “The brave always have love.” After all, only a real warrior is ready to open his heart to another person, to know it and together defend his love. To carry it through the garden of life, where there is nothing permanent, where the weather changes, where yesterday roses showed up, and today they turned yellow leaves.

 We have come up with a whole list of requirements for love. We know how it should be, how long it should last and how it should end. We strive to make this feeling last forever, but forget to just take care of it.

 Our new brooch “Warrior of Love” is not only a decoration, but it is also a charm. Your unique reminder that a new feeling has arisen in your chest for which you are responsible.

 Oxidized silver allows you to see the smallest details of the pendant, where young fragile leaves and luxurious flower buds safely hide behind two swords. And we always have a choice: save the flowers of love or destroy.