Celtic — silver cufflinks with initials
SKU: 1758
SKU: 1758

Celtic — silver cufflinks with initials

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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Sterling Silver
~ 11 g
Width — 17 mm, height — 12 mm
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Choosing a gift for a man is not an easy task. And we know this very well. The gift should be easy and unobtrusive, it is necessary to approach the form and style. There are men who generally do not like jewelry and gifts. But even from this situation we have successfully found a way out.

Celtic cufflinks are an ideal gift for a loved one, husband, brother, father, friend or good acquaintance. A man does not have to wear them every day to a suit.

They can just lie in a box in a conspicuous place, reminding him of your love and attention. He can wear them in the morning to his favorite shirt before an important event. They can become that unique accessory-symbol, which will denote its strongest battles and loud victories.

We are confident that this will be so. In ancient times, the Celts conquered a huge part of Europe, and most of our traditions and styles come from Celtic traditions and beliefs. Victory, honor, protection of the family — they were proud of these values ​​and considered them the center of the universe.

We have long had a collection with Celtic jewelry. But making cufflinks in this style is a novelty for us. And they turned out to be flawless. The man’s initials are created manually by the hand of the master as a result of careful and long work. But then — they gracefully poured soft lines of antique Gothic font.

Cufflinks are made of silver and covered with oxidation. Accurate rectangular shape. Strict and atmospheric style.