Guiding star — necklace made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with garnets
$5 699
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SKU: 1237

Guiding star — necklace made of oxidized silver and yellow gold with garnets

$5 699
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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Red garnet 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
158 g

Imagine for a moment the times of the Middle Ages, knight tournaments and royal balls. Life was different, it was every day riding, wide ripe fields before entering the cities and villages, lavish balls, where the greats of this world decided the fate of generations. Everything has changed for a long time, and now we take only the best vestiges of the era, which has irretrievably sunk into oblivion.

And the best in the royal epochs is wealth, power, social status, magnificent apparels and beautiful ornaments. The knights swayed gently in horses with dignity and pride, the ladies flying down from their quarters in charming dresses and graceful necklaces.

We decided to recreate the beautiful trend of royal times with the help of jewelry art. We created a truly royal necklace - it can not be overlooked or ignored. In the art books on the Middle Ages, beautiful women with charming eyes and a smile are always described. If the princesses and queens saw this necklace, they would fall in love with it irrevocably, because it was created in order to emphasize and improve the real feminine beauty.

The base of the necklace is made of dense oxidized silver with the author's texture of the surface. This is the fruit of the design concept in tandem with stories of royal times and customs. This necklace can only be called majestic, and in no other way. Even the flower on the queen's dress becomes a royal decoration. And in our case, a necklace on the neck of a beautiful woman turns her into a true queen and lady of hearts.

Elegant gold ribbons adorn the powerful beauty of silver, make the necklace more feminine, soft for a look and mysterious in the face of the world. And the blood-red garnets emphasize the elegance and majesty of the necklace, is the most effective and bright color for decorating the dairy female skin.

Red color has long been considered royal. It is the color of passion and blood, the color that conveys the deep emotional experiences, love and trembling of a loving heart. If you noticed, then the robes of kings were often very bright red, and women still love bright red lipstick and appropriate accessories.

In this necklace we unite beauty, love, greatness and art into a single whole!