Oryginalne wisiorki i naszyjniki ze złota i srebra od Kochut

Designed gold and silver pendants and necklaces by Kochut

Jewelry accompanies society from the very beginning of the human history, becoming one of the first manifestations of culture. There are finds of the first products of bones, shells, trees and stones. Later there were pendants of metals, including noble metals. Initially, these necklaces were identified with magical properties that should protect from evil spirits and negative influences. Partly, such function remains in the form of pendants with religious symbols. In addition, almost at the same time, along with magical properties, jewelry has become an indicator of social status.

Due to the ease of fabrication and comfortable wearing, the pendant is considered one of the most ancient jewelry in the world. In our time, this is also the most convenient gift, because unlike the rings, for a pendant it is not necessary to determine the size. The online store of our workshop presents a wide range of pendants of various themes and shapes. Trident is one of the most common pendants in Ukraine. Also, Slavic symbols are widespread. An interesting solution is a double pendant that can be worn by one person or a couple of lovers or best friends. Usually, pendants are made in one metal, most often — silver and gold pendants. But we have many models with a combination of metals and using rhodium plating, oxidizing or gilding. Often, in our pendants, we use rough crystals of precious stones.

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