Warranty Terms & Conditions

We offer a 50-year warranty from the date of purchase. Our warranty includes the free repair of defects in materials and craftsmanship, including: cracks, swells of more than 1 mm; indents of more than 1 mm; malfunctions in the lock for earrings, bracelets.

Warranty Terms

— Send the jewellery to us along with the warranty card (in order to provide us with additional information regarding how to best repair the piece).

— If the product is returned for warranty service, it must be inspected in our workshop to confirm the manufacturing defect.

— The determination of whether or not the warranty can be applied is made solely by our on-site experts.

The warranty does not cover:

1. The polishing of external surfaces and/or elements.

2. Pieces that have been deformed or otherwise deviate from a standard geometric shape.

3. Elements of white rhodium, black rhodium, oxidation, or gilding.

4. Damage resulting from falls or other forms of abuse.

5. For inserts of precious and semi-precious stones that have been damaged (cracked, split, fallen out) due to mechanical damage to the jewelry (and not due to a manufacturing defect).

6. Pieces that have been repaired by anyone other than Kochut.

The owner acknowledges and accepts the following:

1. Jewellery may come in contact with objects that leave marks in the forms of abrasions, scratches, chips, dents, micro-cuts and other types of wear and tear on both metallic and non-metallic parts. This exposure begins at the moment that the jewellery is worn for the first time. Each person is unique and the extent of wear and tear they cause on pieces they wear is variable.

2. Jewellery can deform under external pressure.

3. For any silver pieces that are covered with white rhodium, the silver may darken in places if the coating wears off.

4. A true (yellowish) shade of white gold will be visible in places where white rhodium (or other) plating is worn away.

5. Ornamentation, patterns and other textures can be eroded over time by normal use. 

6. Elements that fix an insert in place may be damaged during normal use, resulting in the possible loss of the insert.

7. The weight of a piece may be reduced in the course of normal use, which is natural and typical for all jewellery. If you feel this has happened to one of your pieces, we will be happy to examine your jewellery and make a determination as to whether or not our warranty applies.

We are always ready to repair our own jewellery if circumstances allow us to do so. Each case is discussed on an individual basis with our manager.