Mahat — ring with ametrine
$5 999
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SKU: 1472

Mahat — ring with ametrine

$5 999
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18k White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold
Ametrin 15x12 mm, white and yellow diamond 1,75 mm — 6 pcs. (0.15 ct)

In the ancient writings of Hinduism, Mahat (translated "great") was the first child born of the interaction of Spirit and Matter. This is the intellect in the cosmological aspect, which manifests in man as the ability to distinguish, perceive and realize.

His mother Prakriti is nature itself, the material source of the universe. At first Prakriti was not, she came in a dream, and then the Spirit (Purusha) breathed into her life. In the fantastic ring "Mahat" we symbolically captured the mystery and culmination of the moment of Creation. The interaction of the two and the birth of the third.

Two different branches of white and yellow gold grow from a common ground and are sent to each other, embodying the activation and unification of the male and female beginnings. Thanks to their combination, they give birth to a new and beautiful - consciousness, Mahat.

Mahat symbolizes a massive and mysterious central stone - a natural ametrine. He hypnotizes and captures attention in captivity by the overflows of two colors, honey and purple. The mixing of different shades of ametrina underscores the mystical manifestation of the two fundamental principles in the consciousness of each of us.

The ring reminds us that thanks to the unique gift of knowledge, a person is able to comprehend both the spirit world and the world of matter, remaining something third in relation to them. Mahat is great because it is able to reflect everything in oneself. Mahat is majestic, because he can understand everything!

Valuable white and yellow diamonds on the branches of the ring symbolize various phenomena and phenomena of the world, which were also formed as a result of the instantaneous interpenetration of the two initial primary elements. Their knowledge is one of the tasks of Mahat.