Flowering — ring made of yellow gold with diamonds
$1 599
SKU: 5322
SKU: 5322

Flowering — ring made of yellow gold with diamonds

$1 599
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Yellow 14K gold
Diamond 1,5 mm (~ 0,1 ctw)
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Hear that, my love?

I was dreaming...

I was in some strange land... Where blond clouds touch the top of the forest.

Where the wind takes the warmth of the summer sun and carries it everywhere on its scarlet wings.

There is a lake there among the woods, where the rich celestial light hides its gold in the dark depths every evening. The reeds, standing knee-deep in water, whisper in the breeze.

And on the shore the dew is scattered like diamonds.

On them mermaids dance, in forest crowns woven from lush grasses.

And there was the prettiest, sweetest one among them. Flowering.

Hear that? My mermaid in bloom, it was you I dreamt of. With you in my thoughts I fall asleep, and in my dreams you come to me.

And now in every flower I see your seductive gaze: in the silence of fields, in the shadows of forests, in flowerbeds and in the hands of a lover, hurrying to his only one - everywhere are flowers - your eyes that defiantly look into my soul, and never leave it indifferent. They lavishly color my life with their variegated colors. They smile with all the colors of the rainbow, they beckon me with intoxicating scents that remind me of the smell of your skin, because you are woven of the same chords with them.

All this I will never tell you, my soul will keep this secret. You will be able to read passages in my gaze and the unbearable desire to give you flowers again and again. To have you adorned always.

I see it this way. I have decided so.