Eternity — ring made of platinum with diamonds
$6 199
SKU: 5982
SKU: 5982

Eternity — ring made of platinum with diamonds

$6 199
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Platinum 23K
Diamonds ~ 0.63 ctw

Every time someone makes a proposal, the sky is crowned with stars. 

"I love you" - and the heart of the comet starts beating again. 

"I love you" - and the bottom of the world's oceans shakes. 

"I love you" - and the courage under the skin is revealed.

I listen to your "I love you" and my heart reaches for the stars.  Maybe I am the skyline now. Let me put in your palms the best memories that will last for the rest of your life. Let me give thanks for your existence by breaking the clots of night silence. Let me show you this route in the morning tenderness, when the world does not yet know we exist. That's why it belongs to us the most. Let me be the first to greet your smile, to be touched by its light. 

Everything that is yours has become precious to me. And everything I have will always serve you. Accept this special ring as a symbol of our new closeness in eternity.