Atlantis — engagement ring made of white and yellow gold with cornflower sapphire and diamonds
$3 499
SKU: 7010
SKU: 7010

Atlantis — engagement ring made of white and yellow gold with cornflower sapphire and diamonds

$3 499
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White and yellow 14K gold
Cornflower sapphire 5 mm, diamond 1,5 mm — 3 pcs.
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Ancient Greek myths or an echo of real events? A beautiful legend or historical past? We discover, but whether you believe it or not, it is your decision. 

Plato wrote two books about the mighty power of Atlantis, in which he mentioned the power of the island state, its political system, and traditions. He admired Atlantis and considered it a superior civilization. 

A beautiful country behind the Hercules rocks of Gibraltar, a sunny beauty on the endless sea plain. A majestic temple of gold and silver stood in the middle of the island, resting on spires against the gates of heaven, making the flashes of lightning pass by. The house of Cleito, the wife of Poseidon, stood on the hills of one of the islands. 

According to a legend, Poseidon founded the maritime state of Atlantis together with his wife, and Queen Cleito became the ancestor of the first Atlanteans. Atlantis is a symbol of humanity, which strives for development and knowledge. 

The Atlanteans were very strong and lived up to 800 years. They were able to control the elements, prevent earthquakes, and manage the structure of time and space. The divine origin of superhumans allowed them to establish relations with nature, so they extracted precious stones from its depths.

Atlantis is a symbol of physical and spiritual perfection, strength of spirit, and perfection of thought. Atlantis is a symbol of undeniable majesty and true beauty. Being an Atlantean means to strive for perfection. And every person in the world should strive to be perfect, especially in the soul. And if the soul is pure, then it is visible in every facial feature and in every movement of the body.

The ring from the new «Atlantis» collection creates the image of a beautiful sunken state and makes you remember its former greatness. And probably, if we remember the wonderful legend of the Atlanteans, our inner world would be warmer? Jewelry should bring a sense of beauty and celebration.