Sea Luck — ring made of white and yellow gold, covered black rhodium
$3 099
SKU: 1593
SKU: 1593

Sea Luck — ring made of white and yellow gold, covered black rhodium

$3 099
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White and yellow 14K gold
Black rhodium

However, the nature of the sea is rather ambiguous. There are moments of quiet serenity, when the sea is so tender and calm, so compliant and giving that one just wants to embrace every drop of it and offer thanks. There are also hours of boisterous anger, of powerful and senseless aggression, when the sea destroys everything in its path, when it refuses to submit to the distant heavens, the burning rocks, or the peaceful lands. 

It is not for us to understand why this occurs. We see only a fragile, mirror-like surface with defenceless little waves that gently crash over our skin. We often fail to acknowledge its depths, and we are not able to comprehend the essence of the ocean's form and body. 

Giuseppe Madzwini said that ‘the sea and the sky are two symbols of infinity’. 

Do you remember the first time you saw the endless shimmer of the great waters? You likely thought that your eyes were deceiving you at first, hiding the shores behind an endless blanket of blues and setting sun. You looked on at it for a long time, trying to understand where it began and where it ended. You revelled in its beauty as if it were a mirage or a passing dream.

Yet the dream was real, and the first touches of the ocean convinced you of the reality of the moment you were in. 

The ‘Luck of the Sea’ ring is a symbol of the infinity in the depths of the soul. The ring is made of white gold and features an original textur  e that which is meant to evoke the traces left by stormy waves on the canvases of rocks. The sun plays with rays on a golden anchor.