Era — forged silver ring coated with white rhodium
SKU: 5519
SKU: 5519

Era — forged silver ring coated with white rhodium

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Sterling Silver
Base width:
~ 5,5 mm
White rhodium
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Life is a picture, draw it. Life is a road, pass it. Life is a book, read it. Life is a transformation, change in it.

Man is the foreman of his own destiny. How often have you heard this phrase. How little meaning we put into it, subject to circumstances and events, instead of changing them. Evolution gave man the most powerful wealth: it gave him consciousness, possibilities and potential.

Why one person can do everything, and another — does not do anything? Why does everything turn out in one, and in another — falls from the hands? Because everything is in our head. And to change life, you need to change yourself.

If you want to have something that you did not have yesterday, then today your actions should be different. If your world does not suit you, then please, the door is very close: go beyond the system and build your own.

The world is not iron or steel. The world is a soft and pliable material in the hands of the master. You are the most important person in your life. Feel it. Light the thought of your own perfection in yourself. Be beautiful, healthy, energetic, and real. Smile, love, enjoy every good moment and ignore the negative.

Create the circumstances in which you feel good. Take as a habit of thanking and rejoicing. Let happiness be the same constant habit for you as brushing your teeth or washing your face.

And do what you need to do. Look for your real goal. It will not take long, because the heart will definitely give you the answer. Love life, take care of your world. And then the world will take care of you.

Life is not a straight and smooth foundation. Life is the work of a master who took the stuff into his own hands. He did not make a beautiful work of art in a few minutes. He was wrong, thought, sometimes despair. But every moment of his careful and focused work brought him a step closer to the goal.

Even a moment of pain, tears, resentment brings you closer to realization. The evolution of civilization was also very difficult. But look what kind of world we live in, and imagine what kind of life we’ll be living in 20 years from now.

Perfection has limits. Perfection is a person.