Pirate's honor — forged earring made of oxidized silver
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SKU: 5587

Pirate's honor — forged earring made of oxidized silver

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Sterling Silver
The inner diameter ~ 9 mm.

Male character is steel, stone and thunderstorm. The most dangerous and unpredictable elements found their combination in a man. The strength of will, self-confidence and a direct path to your goal - these qualities characterize it fully.

In addition, a man is very independent and always struggles for his values. This is especially evident in the "Honor of the Pirate".

The pirate code of honor does not provide fear, gentleness and doubt. Always just go ahead and never give up.

Men's earring "Pirate's honor" is a direct proof of the existence of such a Code. It is a wrought-iron earring, as a symbol of strength and power over oneself.

It is made of silver and covered with oxidation.