Orion — wedding ring mokume (yellow gold, etched silver)
1 699.00€
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SKU: 0520-0

Orion — wedding ring mokume (yellow gold, etched silver)

1 699.00€
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Red 14K gold, sterling silver
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The wedding rings in mokume gane style are a sign of exceptional and refined taste. Wearing mokume gane through the entire life may be compared to a certain tribute to the ancient Japanese technique, as well as bringing the essence of the true art into one’s life. 

The Japanese «Mokume gane» means «metal pine wood», the amazing patterns on the metal resemble the ornaments which may be seen on a piece of wood cut. Nature, art and a special technique made its union in these wedding rings. Every ring is exceptional due to being completely handmade.

These rings combine the features of classic wedding rings for newlyweds and at the same time being a sample of art which fits the fingers of lovers. Mokume gane strengthens the union and keeps the secret of the two people’s oath, tying their destinies forever. 

The rings are made of gold and the etched silver alloy. Find the sophistication in every detail of the pattern.

The indicative price is for ONE wedding ring. The cost of the set may vary, depending on the final weight.

NOTE: production time may take ca. 3-4 weeks.

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