Source of Life — gold jewelry set with citrines
2 299.00€
SKU: 4404
SKU: 4404

Source of Life — gold jewelry set with citrines

2 299.00€
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Yellow 14K gold
Citrines 8x6 mm — 2 pcs., 9x7 mm — 1 pc.
~ 8 g
The height of the earrings is 11 mm, the height of the pendant — 20 mm
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«I became strong because I was weak. I am fearless because I was afraid. I am wise because I was a fool. By acknowledging one’s weakness, one becomes strong.» Ingenious words from the great French writer Honore de Balzac.

We were not conceived by the universe to be better than others. Everyone is perfect, but for whatever reason, we constantly forget about this. 

We were not meant to compare ourselves to anyone. The greatness of the soul cannot be stigmatized by price and quantity, because how can you buy the heavens, stars and planets? Our body is made up of atoms, each of which is a miniscule reflection of the entire universe. All of our shortcomings are shortcomings invented by the mind and body, but they are not embedded in our essence.

Why hide from yourself? Why run from the light of the infinite to the cramped, miniscule closet of the ego? To be yourself, to know your soul, to dance with eternity — this is something worth striving for.

Everyone chooses their own path. No one is you, and no one could ever be you because perfection cannot be recreated.

In the «Source of Life» collection, texture, colours and harmonious curves coalesce to create pieces of incredible beauty. The twigs intertwine and embrace the petals of the fresh, green lake. Bright colours sparkle playfully on the lake’s surface, giving way to a resplendent display on the delicate crystal.