Tops of love — golden wedding ring
1 399.00€
SKU: 5489
SKU: 5489

Tops of love — golden wedding ring

1 399.00€
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Yellow 14K gold
Base width:
6 mm
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Life, like a series of paintings and events, passes before the eyes. Morning replaces the day, after the night, bare feet walk quietly dawn. The rays of the sun are hanging by the bunnies on the shoulder, like gentle petals of roses, fallen on wet asphalt. Life is beautiful, because it breathes, runs, cries and laughs.

And especially life is beautiful in the mountains. Have you often woken up in the mountains when a white mist greets the dew and fresh coolness? When wet leaves serve as your path, and the dawn modestly hides behind the gray wall of the morning sky?

Or maybe you saw the snow-capped peaks of the mountains from behind the hills when you went to work in the morning? The tops are the purest and brightest that is on earth, because they are closest to heaven. And you too are approaching the ladder of heaven when you are at the top of a mountain. The air becomes thicker, grabbing your lungs. Eyes are cleared of urban fog and gladly accept the sun and stars.

The feeling of conquering the summit is so similar to love. Happiness spills over the veins; Light beams in the eyes and a soft enlightenment of consciousness. Everything is simple and beautiful. So you feel loving. The beauty of each lived moment for ever finds an imprint in your heart. Love is the truth, you realize.

To be on top of love is to approach the heavens, to come up to the divine. When a person loves, he becomes great. Mountains call only those whose souls they grow. And love is like a rare flower of sunny-violet color - it grows on the very top of the mountain, and requires great courage to get it.

We created a whole collection of engagement rings "The tops of love." Nature, man and love - the form and meaning of the life's colossus, the eternal triangle, the mystery of the soul. Rings are created for lovers, whose soul in a fit of feelings reaches heaven and sun. They are created for people who are in love with the soul of nature. They are created for the greatness of love and heart.

The price is for ONE and depends on the weight. The price is indicated for ONE wedding ring.