Winter's Tale: The Wolf and the Deer — silver ring
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SKU: 0293

Winter's Tale: The Wolf and the Deer — silver ring

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Sterling silver
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The forest smells of green-eyed trees and a fresh twilight mist. There is not only physical freedom in the forest, but also freedom of spirit and consciousness. There are three places in the world where the lungs greedily gain air, like an armful of the first spring flowers: in the mountains, near the sea and in the forest.

Feel a smile of shadows on his shoulder. Sigh full, dividing your body with the sky and the wind. To open consciousness to the exchange of thoughts from the universe.

The forest is also rich in its inhabitants, for which there are no physical walls and mental obstacles. One of the most ancient is a noble deer. He is strong and formidable, because frighteningly majestic horns will pacify the dust of any animal. But at the same time, the deer is affectionate and kind, in its eyes bright reflections reflect a beautiful moon.

Even in the forest you can find a wolf with a fast body and sharp eyes. The wolf is not just a living organism, it is primarily a forest element that does not recognize rules and prejudices. He lives in nature in one spatial continuum with trees, earth, sky and other representatives of the forest environment. For him there are no clear rules and social norms.

On our ring "Winter Tale, Wolf and the Stag" is a picture of a winter forest where the wolf observes the deer from afar. He will not attack him, he contemplates the living being of the forest kingdom with peace and wisdom for many years.

The ring is made of silver and covered with oxidation. 

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