Kaleidoscope — yellow gold emerald ring
SKU: 5968
SKU: 5968

Kaleidoscope — yellow gold emerald ring

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Yellow 14K gold
Emerald 4 mm
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A moment of total peace and joy of contemplation comes when the dream regains consciousness or when the daytime colors fade and gradually turn into pale gray pictures when the last shutters of the sun twitch nervously. The kaleidoscope of faces, events and deeds runs before your eyes, like a train that you rushed for, but was only half a second late.

Maxim Gorky once said that every day is a small life and we need to live as if we were about to die but suddenly were given one more day. 

Constant rush prevents us from seeing the calm outlines of green leaves in the park and looking into the pastel blue eyes of the sky. We strive to overcome ourselves and run into the distance chasing a fast train without realizing that it is impossible to catch up. You can become a train, you can ride it, you can drive it — but we can’t catch it up.

Life is not about the days spent in a crazy race. Life is in those humble moments that warm the soul with a strong power of solar heat. Life is in love, tenderness at your fingertips, in the peacefully sleeping evening sea, in the green aroma of summer mountains, in quiet strolls in foreign cities, in the smell of freshly brewed coffee on an unfamiliar boulevard.

Life is what touches the soul, making it laugh and cry. Life is a huge pulsating emotion woven of hours and minutes, not days.

The collection of «Kaleidoscope» rings is dedicated to the majesty of life and beautiful moments when eternity seems like a minute, and the universe — a small Italian town. Jewelry should be harmonious and resonate with the strings of the soul.