Genus amulet— silver sapphire ring
SKU: 1519
SKU: 1519

Genus amulet— silver sapphire ring

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Sterling Silver
Sapphire 3x3 mm
Base width:
~ 8 mm
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Slavic culture is so multifaceted that it can be studied for decades. Starting with ancient myths, the pantheon of gods and totem beliefs and ending with modern culture. The centuries of labor, spiritual search and progress are reflected in the symbols and signs of the history of the great Slavic people.

The Slavs clearly understood the importance of the elements in human life. So far, many of us are very superstitious, and believe in various signs and predictions. We want to protect our family, live with self-confidence and love life with all our heart.

Slavs also attached great importance to the creation of a family and the strengthening of marriage ties. They married once and for all life, considering this event not just a ceremony, but a reunion of bodies, souls and births. In ancient times a beautiful tradition was born - to give to the wedding a special symbol of the amulet of a young family from troubles and evil eyes. The symbol that we call today's wedding, was to give the young family understanding, trust and mutual love.

The wedding vest is a solar symbol of the dual origin of the sun: it creates heat and destroys with fire. It resembles the wreath of four rings in the form of a sign of infinity, which, according to Slavic traditions, means a cycle, unity, constant development.

A powerful energy symbol you will find on the ring from our collection "Genus amulet" He will give you confidence in your abilities, become a symbol of solar heat and inner peace. The Slavic symbol embodies the fusion of the female and male elements, helps to ensure harmonious relations in the family.

The ring is made of silver and is decorated with fresh blue sapphire.