Celtic pattern — silver ring with yellow gold
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SKU: 1569

Celtic pattern — silver ring with yellow gold

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Base width:
~ 7 mm
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Celtic culture reminds us in part of the ancient legends of Atlantis, the mythical state described in Plato's Dialogues. The natural elements, embodied in earthquakes and high waves, engulfed the legendary island along with its inhabitants - the Atlanteans. 

Now all that we know about them is based on the books of the Greek philosophers. Much of the same can be said regarding Celtic culture. We know that it influenced the formation of modern Europe, but we do not know the exact chronology and historical sequence of life of the Celts on the continent. 

We know only that we know exceedingly little. However, we will try to recreate the course of history in symbols and signs that have survived to the modern age. 

The ancient Celts believed that ornaments contained powerful mystical energies. They used patterns, weaves, crosses extensively, and their warriors reflected their worldview and traditions through them. 

Each Celtic pattern had a unique meaning. For example, our interweaving means that each person is part of the world tree, the tree of life, or in the biblical version, the tree of knowledge. When our life has run its course, each of us are merged with the tree in a single organic whole. Before that time, the tree lets its branches into the human soul. 

Celtic patterns have incredible artistic value. They conquered the world with elegance and aesthetic beauty. The shamrock you see on the ‘Celtic Pattern’ ring signifies the cycle of the elements - earth, water and fire. It has powerful protective properties and imbues its wearer with the energy of nature. 

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