All-Seeing Eye — a silver ring with chrysolite
SKU: 1820
SKU: 1820

All-Seeing Eye — a silver ring with chrysolite

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Sterling silver
Chrysolite 6х3 mm
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The great Chinese philosopher Confucius said ‘signs and symbols rule our world, not words nor laws.’ Symbols surround us - even looking at your hand, you can see the lines that speak to your longevity and good fortune. Signs follow the channels of our neurons and lead our human perception to direct associations. 

What did you first think of when you saw the name of our beautiful ring? Most likely, one of two things: the all-seeing eye of Sauron from Tolkien's phenomenal books or the Masonic symbol of the radiant delta.

Do you see how curiously the human brain plays with symbols? 

Historians believe that the all-seeing eye first appeared as a symbol over 6,000 years ago. In ancient Egypt, it represented a promising beginning, power and might. In Greece, the eye was considered an attribute of Apollo, Zeus and the omnipotent Sun. 

Today, the all-seeing eye represents the great power of knowledge and the ability to recognize those things in everyday life that are often the most difficult to perceive. Just think - everyone has an understanding of our world’s laws and rules. We all have rather direct logic and common ways of thinking. Not everyone can go beyond, to shatter the usual state of affairs and throw mediocrity out the window. The star of pure reason and consciousness illuminates the world as a whole, as well as each individual. 

Gaining power over yourself and controlling your mind's every thread is the philosophy behind the all-seeing eye. It is also called the ‘third eye’, which allows you to see the truth and unravel the mysteries of the universe. Some people believe that these beliefs are based in extraordinary intuition or superpowers, but no - the power of the human mind is so great that it can create entire worlds. You just need to fully comprehend and accept this idea. 

The ring from the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ collection has great power and a mysterious philosophy of humanism. A spark of inspiration on the part of the author embodied these concepts in intertwining twigs of silver. 

Would you like to command the power of such a piece?