Surya — gold pendant with gold
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SKU: 4721

Surya — gold pendant with gold

1 199.00€
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White 14K gold
~ 3,9 g
Gilding, white rhodium
Diameter — 19 mm, height — 26 mm
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Surya is a star, a deity, the energy of fire that lives in each of us. Surya is the Sun that swirls along in its cosmic dance.

The sun rises above the horizon and the whole world rejoices in anticipation of a new day. Birds sing, flowers bloom, a morning breeze rushes in. All the world wakes up and comes to life as the first rays of light touch the earth’s cold, hard ground. The sun breathes energy and power into everything around it, pouring its life into grasses and fruits, lifting the seas and oceans into the air, inspiring our thoughts and kindling our aspirations. 

Surya is an inspired creator whose rays draw countless patterns on the spatial canvas of the universe. He is the cosmic lord around whom our whole world revolves, with a resplendent halo that serves as a testament to his royal might and power. 

Surya surely knows everything that happens on our planet. He bestows immortality on the gods and guides the lives of mortals, and his divine radiance overcomes darkness and ignorance. His subtle energies fill our being and are manifested through the light of the eyes, through the heat of the body and through the fire of the heart. 

Surya is also our new beautiful pendant, an amulet that contains a mighty fraction of the Sun’s inexhaustible energy.