Salamander — white gold pendant
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SKU: 4439

Salamander — white gold pendant

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White 14K gold
~ 3 m
Height — 32 mm
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Behold a tiny dragon living in the fire. The soul of an element, a symbol of spiritual perfection, a guardian angel called to cleanse the mind of bad thoughts and lift the karma of burden from the soul. These are small creatures with immense inner strength, and fire, the most dangerous and powerful element, flows in their veins.

The salamander, like the dragon, is defined by duality. It is endlessly cold, as its body is ice, yet its essence is imbued with the overwhelming energy of flame. Leonardo da Vinci believed that salamanders ate fire, and some legends say that salamanders are even able to extinguish them.

Arab doctors used salamander poison to treat wounds, and in Christian beliefs it was thought that the salamander purified the soul by directing it to a path of goodness and enlightenment. For a time, it was even believed that God appointed this beast to control the fiery element on earth.

The salamander is a symbol, a mythical creature. However, symbols cannot fill the world with vivid colours on their own — we must breathe life into them. If we choose to believe that the salamander is a talisman, a guardian, then so shall it be. We contribute to the materialization of the world by filling it with meaning.

The meaning that we place in salamanders is based in cleansing light, as well as a purity of perception and awareness. After all, it is truly marvellous to feel happiness in every cell of your body. The world is a hall of mirrors — you can only see what you have already invested in it.

The «Salamander» pendant. Perfectly outlined for peerless comfort and beauty.