Memories of childhood — pendant made of gold and silver
SKU: 1900
SKU: 1900

Memories of childhood — pendant made of gold and silver

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
~ 12,7 g
The height of the pendant with an eye is 37 mm, the width is 32,5 mm

The best way to live a happy life is to always be a child at heart.

Children easily shatter stereotypes, as they have a limited sense of convention and public opinion. They smile. They dream. They learn easily. They are happy as they are, without obligations.

Why not stay that way your whole life long? Who knows the number in the passport apart from you? Has the world changed much since you marked your entry into adulthood?

Add the most important of sacraments to your life: the sacrament of acceptance and the sacrament of unconditional love for life. Embrace constant development and knowledge of all facets of the universe.

May only happy memories flash forward to your «today». A world is forming inside you, so breathe it in. Remember the long walks with your parents in the park. Cosy evenings next to a fireplace and the howling of the wind. The cheerful crunch of snow underfoot, and that one swing near your house.

The best moments will stay with you. They cannot be taken away, but they can be presented together with our original «Childhood Memory» pendant.

A painting in a pendant. A beautiful silver tree with autumn leaves and a swaying golden swing that moves in time with the steps of your childhood.