Ikigai — mokume diamond ring
6 599.00€
SKU: 4490
SKU: 4490

Ikigai — mokume diamond ring

6 599.00€
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Palladium 14K gold, sterling silver
Diamond 1.04 ct

Have you ever felt the touch of life? No, not just observing it. Being afraid to get closer, humbly observing it, as if it was your mirror. Or standing at its springboard, counting seconds, hours, years. Have you touched it and felt what «Your life’ is like?

It’s immensely fragile, titanically strong, insightfully close and distantly cold. Absolutely remote and infinitely close. Impeccable in design and spoiled in the imagination. It is like warm summer rain and dry intrusive winter at the same time. Sincere, careless Friday and planned to detail serious Tuesday. Its mallow and faded leaves at the same time. It’s the sky swayed with clouds and convincingly calm ocean depth. It is devoid of ego and devoted to everyone as if it was for the first and last time. And yet, it is nothing else but something it’s worth waking up for.

Ikigai is the Japanese concept of happiness, appreciation of little joys of life that are important to you. «Ikigai» literally means ‘the reason you wake up in the morning’.

Luxury is worthless without meaning. Designing a ring of the most luxurious palladium gold with etched silver and diamond, we wanted to realize the whole process of creation, discovering our own ikigai.

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