Tops of love — golden engagement ring with diamond
1 499.00€
SKU: 4781
SKU: 4781

Tops of love — golden engagement ring with diamond

1 499.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Palladium 14K gold
Diamond 0.1 ct (3 мм)
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Both of them were looking for a light, so it would fade with the sunset behind shoulders and reflect the stars in the eyes of a beloved one. For it would always be by your side. It happened not a single time they got burnt and cold, and in the moments when it seemed that nothing was happening, their internal sun woke up humbly. It got bigger and bigger, till the two began glowing. 

They became everything at once: peaks, scrapers, waterfalls, skies and suns. The world is small for those who are at the height of feelings. You may compare it with parachuting or conquering a mountain top, or swimming in a cold stream. It’s everything that takes a breath away and all you need is dare. 

Today it rises over the hills every morning, giving it a soft and gentle light. Then, the light gets brighter, turning into a crimson haze in the evening. It has a room for everything: passion, peace, adrenaline flow and sense of complete security. Space breathes through it and every sunbeam reminds that love is all around.

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