New Star — white gold ring and with a diamond
1 299.00€
SKU: 4512
SKU: 4512

New Star — white gold ring and with a diamond

1 299.00€
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White 14K gold
Diamond 0.1 ct (3 mm)
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At the limit of your sky, there are billions of stars. Undiscovered, young and obscure. Dressed in the light of your soul. Undone by it as well. I wanted to touch it so badly, that I was burnt at first sight. And what goes next? Your stars will make their way through my old ideas. They will take away my sense of living, to give me the new one. For the rest of my entire life?

When walking on the milky way I get thirsty, I will quench it with your stars. When drinking this cosmic air, I will know how you taste. And even when there is no room in this eternal space, I will kneel to your feet and discover the sense of the universe. And maybe, another star will be born.

The ring-story is about the beginning of every feeling. A delicate diamond in white gold is a good old classic, but with a new presentation.

The «New Star» ring is a desire that deserves to be fulfilled.

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