Athena — yellow golden engagement ring
2 799.00€
SKU: 7201
SKU: 7201

Athena — yellow golden engagement ring

2 799.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Yellow 14K gold
Sapphire 5 mm, diamond 2,9-3,0 mm — 2 pcs.
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You are the reason the daylight comes into the world. The sun brings shine and warmth like a universal clock turns its hands....for you! 

The woman braiding wheat fields and green planes in her hair. Her face is like the snow of Kilimanjaro, her sky blue eyes remind of oceans with playful whales, and her hands of tender shores of the Pacific coast. 

Her smile is warmer and softer than the amber of Sahara sands. But her cold is harsher than hundreds of Antarctica. Her look makes giant volcanoes colder, the savage tigers more tamed and all the gods of Olympus go mad and confuse incoherent words.

She is an angel and a devil, majesty and fragility, a day and a night. The most beautiful woman on Olympus. The brightest star. The purest planet. Cities are named after

her. They laugh and cry with her name on their lips.

Athena. The goddess of wisdom and knowledge, invincible warrior, defender of the weak, and patroness of science. The beloved daughter of Zeus and the greatest queen in the Olympic gods’ pantheon. 

An owl and a snake accompany her soul and strong hands hold a shield and a spear. 

We named the ring after the great goddess because we believe that every woman is a queen. It’s a sin to doubt it. 

A woman embodies the best traits: softness, lightness, tenderness, warmth, beauty. A woman is the essence of the universe. A woman is the love that creates worlds.

Always choose love. Always choose yourself. 

A stunning ring made of white gold. A sapphire sits in its center, and diamonds — on edges. Feminine beauty is a precious stone that the goddess gives to the world only with her presence.