Twigs. Fruit — yellow gold earrings with emeralds
2 299.00€
SKU: 5781
SKU: 5781

Twigs. Fruit — yellow gold earrings with emeralds

2 299.00€
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Yellow 14K gold
Emerald 7х5 mm — 2 шт, emerald 1,5 mm — 4 pcs.

This is a new model from the «Twigs» earring collection. They have a particular sophistication and original design, as they are notably dissimilar from previous versions. Our newest Trigs are light, enticing and filled with warmth and the anticipation of only that which is most beautiful in life.

They are best paired with the smile of a beautiful woman, because sorrow and disappointment do not suit them.

The base of the earrings has been crafted from yellow gold. The original surface texture resembles the bark of a tree, and rightfully so! These are real twigs that came to us from some of nature’s most mysterious places.

The «Twigs. Fruit» feature an English golden clasp.

Emeralds adorn these earrings, just as memories from beloved holidays adorn the human soul. Emeralds suit everyone, as they always look very stylish yet also retain a natural feel.

In our humble opinion, either of the following two pieces would complement the earrings perfectly, as well as make an ideal gift for a beautiful woman: "Winter twig" or "Classic twig"