Notre Dame — golden sapphire earrings
3 399.00€
SKU: 4600
SKU: 4600

Notre Dame — golden sapphire earrings

3 399.00€
Made to order
Manufacturing time 25 business days
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White and yellow 14K gold
Sapphires 5 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 7,8 g
Width is 12,5 mm, height is 25 mm
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Paris. The evening serenity catches the sparkling glow of the Eiffel Tower from the high Montmartre hills. A warbling tune of black&white coffee and smell of fresh crispy croissants in the warm air. In the streets you are catching glimpses of Monet and Van Gogh drawings on small white canvases. 

Fragments of Moulin Rouge brisk dances coming out of cheerful windows and loud music bursting into the streets and tall buildings. No, it is not about you being in Paris, but the city that captured your heart forever. It’s weird how easily the fast pace of the city combines with the gentle melody of picturesque comfort!

Imagine Coco Chanel in a black gown, walk gracefully down the local boulevards. In the neighboring street, Hemingway writes his famous novels and sips some coffee. Edith Piaf sits in the park, wearing a black beret, hums the lines from a French song, which is about to become famous worldwide. 

Paris is said to be the capital of the world. But visiting it will make you realize that its charm is so overwhelming that it could be called the heart of the world as well. 

We placed a part of the beating heart of the French capital in the elegant «Notre Dame» earrings. White and yellow gold are interwoven in the authentic jewelry masterpiece, and the floral pattern shades the velveteen sapphires color. 

Notre Dame — the earrings beautiful and ambiguous as Paris itself. Those incredible combinations of elegance and recklessness, blazing rhythm and tranquility, wild desire for adventure and calm flanking. All the weirdest values of the city are expressed in one piece of jewelry.

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