Flowers of the Sun — silver earrings covered oxidation and gilded
SKU: 5255
SKU: 5255

Flowers of the Sun — silver earrings covered oxidation and gilded

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Sterling silver
~ 3,10 g
Oxidation. gilding
Diameter ~ 11 mm
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It was that beloved time, the heights of an exalted summer, when the sunflowers began to bloom. People went in droves to the sunflower fields to take advantage of one of nature’s most photogenic settings. Even the July rains gave way to our desire to be one with the sun’s manifestation on the earth. Radiant petals stood like beacons, propelling human imagination back to our carefree childhoods and evoking feelings of reckless independence and titanic faith. It’s no wonder our ancestors believed in the powers of this plant, calling it the flower of revelation. Yet, today there are so many words and so few revelations. If only an ordinary sunflower could tell me what I have long wanted to hear. Perhaps its wisdom can be trusted? Consider the mystifying darkness that contrasts its fiery petals. It has no need to run from its own obscure depths. Instead, it dives into the unknown, just like those who have lost their way in a huge field of tiny suns. To become small in the womb of mother earth. To become her child again. Where there is beauty, there is love. 

This flower led me to the thought that the Creator has already produced all of the world’s most wondrous things, and it is the onus of man to simply imitate them.