Soul and body — golden tanzanite earrings
2 199.00€
SKU: 4181
SKU: 4181

Soul and body — golden tanzanite earrings

2 199.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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White and yellow 14K gold
Tanzanite 3 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 7,4 g
Black rhodium

True beauty cannot be separated from feminine elegance. It is part and parcel of the purpose and meaning in life itself, as well as in art. Beauty is an external manifestation of life in people, but it has no soul of its own, possessing only the cold geometry of lines and fractals. Everything beautiful in the world comes from the harmony of the soul and the body.

No artist could paint a picture with just one brush. No book could touch our hearts without sincerity. No sculpture would strike us as nearly alive if it were carved by a master lacking in soul.

The soul is the meaning and essence of everything physical. It is the spiritual in the material, a sacred image in ordinary features.

Like the human soul, jewellery has a pure and majestic radiance, and a woman with a loving heart will be even more beautiful in the company of such adornments.

Our earrings from the «Soul and Body» collection were made from yellow and white gold. This was an idea of our own design, one which clothed philosophy in precious metals.

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