Soul and body — bracelet made of white, yellow gold and diamonds
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SKU: 1634

Soul and body — bracelet made of white, yellow gold and diamonds

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14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
Diamond 1,5 mm — 5 pcs.
~ 35 g

The question «Can there exist a soul without a body?» Contains a whole argument based on the fact that the soul and the body are two different things. What would you say to a person who asks: «Can a black cat leave the room and remain black?» You would not understand it at all, but both questions are exactly the same.

So Alexander Herzen said and thus crossed out all the arguments that the body and soul are different entities. Vernadsky said that the real spiritual life is the use of the best sides and body and spirit.

The value of life consists in strengthening the union of the soul and body. They merge in the breathtaking dance of love and trust, they are true to each other, and there is nothing more important than their duality in this world.

The body is the earth, the soul is the sky. But how could a planet exist without that, and the other at the same time?

Bracelet from the collection «Soul and body» — a symbol of human perfection, its character, inner world and external image. The basis of the bracelet is made of white gold, and on the surface — the author’s welding of yellow gold.

The texture is created manually through the fusing of yellow gold. Perfect fusing is a red thread in the collection «Soul and body.» It emphasizes how beautiful the soul is to man in union with the earthly body.

They say that you can not see the main thing with your eyes. Maybe so, but we are more confident that if the soul of a person is pure, and his thoughts are good, then it is impossible not to notice this. The soul reveals its essence through the body, and the spirit becomes stronger because of physical trials.

We made a model of the bracelet «Soul and body» in a not quite traditional style. The gold fusing of the bracelet is adorned with delicate white diamonds — as a symbol of greatness and perfection of spirit.

The price depends on the weight and size.