Forest — silver wedding ring with oxidation
SKU: 1052-2
SKU: 1052-2

Forest — silver wedding ring with oxidation

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Sterling Silver
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~ 5,5 mm
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Nature is the triumph of peace and life, a bright phenomenon of the planet and rainbow friend of humanity. Nature gives us energy, food, air and beauty. Everything it has is for us, as well as unbelievable emotions of love, trust and loyalty. 

They say that the lives of two lovers are connected before people, but their souls - before God. In that case, we devote a strong bond of hearts to nature, as the heart is a source of love, joy, excitement and tenderness. 

Imagine a wedding ceremony somewhere in the forest, when the first falling leaves adorn the path of the walking lovers.  When the sky throws its white-blue colors to meet the dance of trees and birds.When a light gray haze turns up over the heads of lovers crossing their hands in a lifelong oath of love and loyalty. 

We created incredibly delicate silver wedding ring “Forest” for your exceptional ceremony. 

The indicative price is for one ring. The final cost depends on the size and weight.

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