Innocence — golden diamond ring
SKU: 4189
SKU: 4189

Innocence — golden diamond ring

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White 14K gold
Diamond 0.25 ct (4 mm)
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You are the youth at its best. Tell me how you always get up with a smile on your face, wishing happiness to your enemies. Tell me how you fall asleep without any doubts, anger and reproaches. I just need to know why am I guilty of falling in love with your innocence. As I feel your goosebumps, it becomes more and more difficult to endure this temptation.

And I'll stand by you, even if you don't feel it. I will be around to guard your divine existence and careless moves. I'll be there to let you know: nothing could hurt a child in you. Oh please, understand, that being"close" is the perfect distance for the winds to dance between us, and our souls to tremble like the waves between the shores. We will be like musical instruments in our synergy, playing a common tune.

My feelings are the safest things the world has ever seen. It feels like it's happening for the first time, but no longer naive. It is a responsibility multiplied by confidence. Look how gorgeous it is. You lift me up to heaven, and I bring you back to earth. Let's continue this dance for at least one life. Once and for all, I want to blame your grace for this strong love, but you are innocent.

This is the story living in the engagement ring "Innocence''.

Could you imagine anything more pure and perfect than a tandem of white gold with a diamond?