Lignum — white gold engagement ring with natural emerald
SKU: 1064
SKU: 1064

Lignum — white gold engagement ring with natural emerald

Brak w magazynie
Dodaj do koszyka
White 14K gold
Emerald 7x5 mm
White rhodium

The ring in this photo is the representative of our beautiful collection "Lignum". It is made of aristocraticly beautiful white gold, and in the middle - a clear transparent emerald.

Have you noticed how the twigs support the stone on the ring? So we symbolically convey the deep trust that exists in the natural cycle. We can only see certain movements and actions that take place in the environment. The depth and wisdom of nature is not always available to our eyes. But in fact it is the most organic and perfect system in our world.

In the modern era, we do not communicate with nature as often as before; we are increasingly at work and everyday duties. The ring is created to remind you of the most important and to restore the inner harmony of the soul and body.

Nature is a great architect; in every twig, in every leaf and every blade of grass, there is a huge work of the soul of the world. Everything is created so perfectly that it is impossible to think up differently. Each living cell is arranged just as hard as an entire universe.

Admire the world and give it your beautiful smile!

Our ring from the series "Lignum" will become another attribute of beauty and harmony in your world. You can give it to a woman close to the heart. We are sure that she will appreciate it. After all, women have a very deep emotional connection with nature.