Infinity - gold earrings with diamonds
SKU: 4580
SKU: 4580

Infinity - gold earrings with diamonds

Brak w magazynie
Dodaj do koszyka
Palladium 14K gold
Diamond 4 mm — 2 pcs.

Everything that will come and everything that has already gone — it all lives within us. We will never get lost in the past and no one could guess our future — we are true till the very end. Ahead of us, there is something people in love call «infinity», and desperate ones — «inevitability». Sceptics say there is emptiness to come, but I know that a whole new world under amazing name «Us» can be created there. 

Ahead are your dreams, transformed into my plans and your unconditional ability to love. When the world has no more words, you’re silent about the peace that lullabies all earthly anxieties (once that will be our children to fall asleep to that melody). We are just a tiny scene from the world film. What a wonderful scene it is! It lies naturally in the movie plot, sometimes a bit unsynchronized, black and white, unpredictable and moreover, the one which makes the audience cross everything they thought about the world and love in it. Still, our director is brilliant. And we are the most talented actors, and our mission is showing to this amazing period of time on earth the love, which accompanies us on this eternal path. 

Nothing is eternal on this planet, but we are always one step ahead. This is how we learned to catch the so-called infinity in a tiny moment, which actually is a part of it. Stay beside me as faithfully as the most magnificent temples of the world do. Run with me with the passion of a marathon runner and finally, fall into my arms as passionately, as the thirsty people fall to the water. Life is not enough to hug and talk. That’s why there is eternity. 

We present to you our new jewellery love story — earrings «Infinity».

Earrings «Infinity» — when one look is enough to realize everything.

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