Florals — silver bracelet with a topaz and white rhodium plating
SKU: 2070
SKU: 2070

Florals — silver bracelet with a topaz and white rhodium plating

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Sterling Silver
Topaz 2 mm — 11 pcs., topaz 3 mm — 3 pcs.
~ 15,6 g
White rhodium
Inne warianty tego modelu:

Women are flowers clothed* by Mother Nature in human visage, and many girls are fond of various flowers, imitation jewellery woven from dried plants, and other such thematic accessories. For a woman, every flower has a significance and depth of its own. The lotus represents rebirth and purity, the rose signifies love and tenderness, and the azalea symbolizes feminine beauty.

But what about the cherry blossom, a true marvel of nature?

The cherry blossom is revival, spring, and hope. Its life is short but brilliant, as if the very gates of Paradise itself were cracked open for a few precious moments. The cherry blossom is a flower of unrivalled beauty. Were you to chance upon an angel hovering next to a sakura tree, we couldn’t tell you with certainty where your gaze would rest the longest. 

The sakura blooms in spring, demonstrating to all that the world around us can be indescribably exquisite. The cherry tree is a timeless symbol of Japan, and the Japanese revere this flower as a mystical reminder of life’s eternally cyclical nature.

The sakura also blossoms in our native city of Uzhhorod, and it is a joy to behold. The cherry blossom is not a traditionally European flower, but we firmly believe that such beauty is deserving of only the purest admiration.

This is what inspired us to create this bracelet with a simple name — «Floral».

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