Mercury — silver wedding ring
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SKU: 0443-0

Mercury — silver wedding ring

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Sterling Silver
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To love someone means to see them as God intended. 

When someone is in love, he approaches the Universe. What is it like to feel a touch of the Universe? It’s like feeling its breath on your shoulder, listening to the peaceful rumbling of the planets, seeing beauty all around yourself. 

Emotions fill us with life energy when contacting another person, the moment of close contact with true values of the world. Life itself speaks to us in the language of angels and the Sun. Love is the book of Galaxy, and God was the one who wrote its first word.

Love moves the Universe. We conquer mountain peaks, cross the seas and deserts and endure difficulties — all for Love. Without true feelings, mountains become impregnable, seas — boundless, deserts — unbearable and difficulties become our verdict.

The «Mercury» wedding rings were created to remind one of the planets in the solar galaxy. Mercury is among the hottest, densest planets and closest to the Sun. Throughout human history, only two spacecrafts have visited it. Unreachable, mysterious and hot — the planet we try to discover so obsessively. 

Wedding rings are made of sterling silver, with oxidation coating. An authentic texture resembles craters on the surface of Mercury in detail.

The indicative price is for ONE ring. The cost depends on the final size and weight.

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