Neptune — a ring made of silver, gold and with a tanzanite
SKU: 1075
SKU: 1075

Neptune — a ring made of silver, gold and with a tanzanite

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Sterling Silver and yellow14k Gold
Tanzanite 7 mm
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This ring smells of the spring sky, of the way you want to love or fall in love. It is lavender in colour and falls on the shoulders of the earth for only a brief moment. We were fortunate enough to catch it as it fell, and we put our craft into it to make you even more spectacular than you already are.

May you never forget what eternity smells like and how freedom suits you! Add a touch of the otherworldly to your wardrobe to always stay on the cutting edge of that which is constantly evolving.

The «Neptune» ring is a truly perfect tandem of metals and stone that has been crafted on an exquisite canvas. Exclusive, elite, and a symbol of elegance and tasteful aesthetic. 

So rare as to be implausible. So attractive as to be unthinkable — tanzanite. Tanzanite is unique among gems because it can only come from a single place on the Earth — Tanzania. Available stocks of the stone are small, so it is likely that the price of tanzanite jewellery will rise, as was once the case with sapphires.

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